I am strong: I had to go through cancer and treatment


I am strong: I had to go through cancer and treatment.
1 month of intensive radiotherapy: five days a week with a break on the weekend. 6 months of chemotherapy: flew into Singapore alone, checked myself into a hotel, 7 hour chemotherapy the following day, and flew back out to Brunei the day after. Hair fell out. Fatigue (mental and spiritual) set in.
People in my life wanted – for their own reasons – for me to be ‘get back to normal’ to allay their own fears of mortality: get employed, lose the weight (steroids makes you gain weight), look presentable, and show no fear.
I complied, and subsequently forgot the strength and inner resources that helped me get through it all. #mindfulness #strength

What have you forgotten about yourself?

Source: Amir Talib Micro Blog

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