Blog Articles Written


Here are examples of blog posts that I have written in the past for clients.

The Super Importance Of Fitness Accountability Partners

There is a lot of truth in the saying that "there’s strength in numbers."

The journey towards health and fitness can be challenging. Challenging in so many ways: physically, mentally, emotionally and, yes, sometimes even spiritually.

There will always be moments when our resolve will either wax or wane. Strengthen or weaken.

Sometimes it's not enough to just make a declaration about what your health and fitness goals are. You have to put in the necessary effort and commitment. Maybe even make a few sacrifices. All for the greater good of achieving your goals.

We owe it to ourselves to recruit as many resources as possible to help us succeed in our goals. An accountability partner could be the difference between sticking to or missing your goals.


'Dancing On A Shifting Carpet'... Or, how I learnt to become an effective business analyst

Personal and professional growth, so they say, comes from overcoming adversity. The sort of adversity that tests and tries, but doesn't overwhelm. Like a well-balanced strength building regime. A balance of time under positive pressure, recuperation and adaptation.

"Personal and professional growth... A balance of time under positive pressure, recuperation and adaptation."

My watermark moment was working as a business analyst within the oil & gas industry. A moment that taught me the value of communication and perspective.

The Setting: A multinational company. Operating out of a tiny nation, perched on the North West coast of Borneo island.

The Journey: The implementation of a new multi-project delivery process.

The Challenge:  Success factors involved,

  • Minimising scheduled oil production deferment,
  • Optimising shared resource utilisation, and
  • Maximising asset integrity.


Amazing Benefits of Quinoa, And Why You Should Try It

Quinoa. You've often heard about it and probably wondered what all the buzz was about. It's been touted as a 'superfood.' Recipes on the internet abound. You can pretty much use it in salads, cakes, cupcakes, and smoothies. Here is my blog post about what it is, why it is good for you, and a quick & easy way of taking your first taste.

A word of caution:
 Quinoa has not been associated with any known food allergies as of this writing. But please do your research and see if you may or may not have an adverse reaction to it. 

What Is It?
Quinoa (pronounced 'keen-wah') has quite the story to tell.

It was cultivated  as a viable food source in the Andean regions of Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and Chile. Archaeologists have confirmed evidence that this practice began a good 3,000 to 4,000 years ago, and continues to this very day.

It was and still is grown for its edible seeds. Interestingly, quinoa is very closely related to other vegetables like spinach and beetroot. After processing - involving the removal of the outer skin - preparing Quinoa seeds for eating means that it is cooked in the same way as rice. The green leaves of Quinoa can also be consumed, but having readily available supplies of this has not been made commercially viable.