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Silat Book Cover

What Is This Book About?

This is a very personal account of my journey within the Malay martial arts, but it is more than just about martial arts. Much, much more.


Does this book talk about martial arts?

Well, yes. Of course.

It will talk about the techniques found within this form of Southeast Asian martial art.  It comes with a rich cultural history. It was and is a martial art practiced by both the royal and common folk alike.

I was deliberate in the design and layout of the content. It is for the martial artist who has an interest in learning about an obscure martial practice.  As well as the arm chair traveller, who will get a glimpse into a country located on the island of Borneo. A country known by the name of 'Brunei Darussalam'.

A Very Personal Journey

This book covers my personal relationship with the martial art as my companion:

  • through my journey as a cancer patient and survivor,
  • as a world traveler,
  • as an international student, and
  • as a migrant (to two different countries no less: Australia and Canada).

This martial art helped me connect to the spirituality and heritage of my predecessors.

It connects me to my late father, with whom I shared a real passion for this art. Each in our own ways.

It’s a book. Filled with boyhood daydreams. Filled with stories of people who have pursued their passion for this art. Filled with the adventures and misadventures experienced by my teachers and my late father.

This book, as I have mentioned it, is a labor of love. I hope that you will enjoy reading it, as much as I have enjoyed writing it and presenting it to the world.


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