Books and videos. That is what I have made in the past, and plan to produce more in the future. On this page you will find links to both.


Silat Book Cover

Silat: A Perspective on a Malay Martial Art

Writing this book took over three years. I document my journey in the martial arts, in a specific martial art – Silat Chakak (pronounced: sea-latt cha-hah-kak). It was the fourth type of silat that I learnt, but also the one that I am most fond of.

Compact and condense, it only has six core techniques – the ‘rangkaian enam‘ (pronounced: rang-quay-an eh-numb) – but is incredibly versatile. ‘Rangkain enam‘ in english is: chain of six.

Rich in history, Silat Chakak is rooted in the Malay culture of Brunei Darussalam. It was practised behind closed walls of the royal palace grounds; as well as amongst the common folk: in the private homes of practitioners in the water villages, at wedding functions, as well as more discretely in the shadows. In the shadows, where prying eyes kept well away and where grievances could be settled privately.

This book goes through the six techniques of attack in Silat Chakak and its applications – empty handed and with various weapons. It goes through salutations, movement patterns, and blocking sequences.

I will take you on a private and personal tour of Brunei Darussalam (the country in which I was born), giving you a small glimpse inside this reclusive Southeast Asian country perched on the northwest coast of Borneo island.

Amazon - Walk In Abundance Kindle Book

Walk In Abundance: A How-To On Manifesting Wealth & Abundance

I wrote this book during one of the darkest periods of my life. A time when battling low self-esteem, anxiety and depression.

This led me to look for help and answers wherever I could. Grasping on to any slither of light that could help me out of my very deep funk.

Through research and exploring various spiritual as well as psychological resources, I came with a plan of action – drawing on the established traditions and practices found in Europe, South Asia, East Asia, and Southeast Asia.

Included in this book are very private and personal stories that became the basis on which I built my practice of abundance.

Instructional Videos

Video 01 Chain of Six Attacks – Empty Hands on the Neutral Stance

A step by step instructional video covering the Chain of Six Attacks on the neutral stance. The neutral stance is where the feet are kept at slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, with hands along your side; as you would standing casually in a queue to pick up your laundry. I will be showing you how the six attacks can be done from this unassuming position, with the view of catching an aggressor off-guard.

Video 02 Chain of Six Attacks – Single Stick on the Neutral Stance

The chain of six attacks with a single short stick hand. In this video, I will be showing you the adaptability of the techniques within the chain of six attacks. This is the first of a number of videos showing this arts versatility.